English cooking classes - munich

Join us for this immersive cooking experience at our Cooking Class in Munich. Learning to cook at the Bilou Kitchen Cooking School in Munich has never been more exciting. We offer a wide and contemporary range of predominantly vegetarian and vegan cooking classes in Munich.

Our classes are suitable for beginners and ambitious hobby cooks alike. Groups love our 'Team Cooking' with colleagues as team-building activities. Our gift vouchers for a cooking class make excellent presents.

In our cooking school in Munich, you cook in a beautiful ambiance, receive professional guidance, and don't have to worry about anything. We look forward to having you!!!



Experience the culinary delights of the Japanese soup kitchen with our Ramen Cooking Class in Munich! Dive into the world of diverse and surprising noodle soups, where the homemade broth is elevated with unique flavorings like homemade chili oil and miso. Learn the art of crafting your own Tantanmen Ramen, complete with homemade noodles, crisp vegetables, soft-boiled eggs, and a touch of homemade Furikake.

Please note that there may be variations in the menu.

Forget Chili con Carne! This is about authentic Mexican culinary culture, not the imitation from Tex-Mex cuisine.

In this mexican tacos class, we celebrate the taco and its endless variations. We show you what truly matters in salsa, the toppings you can fill your tacos with, and how to bake really good tortillas from scratch. Additionally, we'll reveal the secret of an authentic guacamole found only in Mexico, whip up a delicious salsa, and immerse ourselves in the fresh and aromatic world of tacos. Please note that there may be variations in the menu.


Mit einem Gutschein für einen Kochkurs in München oder Online Kochhkurs verschenkt Ihr ein kleines kulinarisches Abenteuer.

Schenkt Euren Lieben ordentlich Spaß und einen Haufen Küchentricks.


Im Online Kochkurs wirst Du zur  Kochvirtuos:in Deiner eigenen Küche.

Spannende Tipps und Tricks unter professioneller Anleitung. Hier lernt Ihr wirklich was!

 Im Bilou Kitchen in München kocht Ihr in einem wunderschönen Ambiente, werdet professionell angeleitet und müsst Euch um nichts kümmern. Wir freuen uns auf Euch!!!